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The Enlightened Defecators bathroom
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The Enlightened Defecator, Self-appointed: Porcelain King

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About The Enlightened Defecator:

The Enlightened Defecator, Self-Appointed: Porcelain King is not just a person who values the importance of proper sanitation and hygiene in relation to human waste but is also a talented and accomplished mystic. As an initiate of multiple ancient mystery schools, The Defecator is constantly in pursuit of complete conscious awareness of an ultimate reality. Seeking divinity and spiritual truth through direct experience to further insight into the understanding and mastery of practical psychology. Distinguishably known as otherworldly, The Defecator is a person that contributes to the world as a mortal human, elevating mankinds' perception into a subject that was once taboo, poopie. Through the spiritual connection and relationship to the collective unconscious, The Defecator uses extraordinary insight continuously taking steps to improve the cleanliness and safety of public restrooms and promote the use of modern bathroom facilities.