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It's a little corny, corn poopie
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The Official Poopie List

The Official Poopie List is potty humor at its best and worst. To the superficial observer, this book may appear as literal madness, but in truth, it is something we all experience and relate to. There’s an underlined allegory hidden in plain sight, a metaphor of sorts that one must unveil to disclose one's truths. If humor is truly the best medicine and laughter can trigger a physical and emotional change in the body, then you’ll never be the same after reading this book. You'll begin seeing the world in an unusual way after this book leaves you rolling on the floor chuckling to your heart's content. Be prepared, and watch out. You don't want to have a surprise poopie. #TheOfficialPoopieList

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“This book about number two is number one in my heart.” - Big Deuce

“The Poopie Book had me questioning everything as I find myself sitting on the throne farting, subconsciously yelling back at my blowhole, ‘Don't talk back to me.’” - Seymour Butts

“'New York Swines’ best-selling author drops another splash hit.” - Holden F. Art

“If the Illuminati ever had a recruitment book this would be it.” - Mud E. Tushie

“A little corny, but I like it.” - Diane Rhea

“Can't wait for my next prairie dogging grumpy to read some more.” - Corn Ho

“A little gem about poo that’s amusing, funny, and refreshing read as I sit on the can.” - Florence Brown

“It’s the Sh*t!” - Fanny May

“It had me rolling. LMAO! Laughing my a*s off from the first page to the last.” - John

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The Official Poopie List is available everywhere books are sold, and Barnes & Noble to name a few.